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Answer Phone


The app is our first venture into the mobile marketplace. Our website is complex and not mobile responsive and we were looking for a way to get mobile and provide our clients with everything they wanted at their fingertips without spending a fortune trying to rebuild our extensive website. The app is a perfect solution, our customers are happy and our website is fine for desktop users. Mobile and Tablet users now have a terrific user experience and the build out was a real win-win for us!

Edward P Courcelle, Answerphone New Business Development Manager



SBA Showcase

The app allows us to direct interact with job seekers with push notifications to alert them to the next event. We also send alerts to the subscribers to remind them of seminar times on the AlbanyJob Fair dates. Having an App is an ideal way to promote the annual Albany Job Fair events and keep up with current technology trends.

Darcy Knapp, Event Chair


WERC Mobile App Landing Page

“My Board of Directors and I love the mobile app on our phones. When I am networking it is convenient and easy to show potential donors information about our Center, the faces of the women whose lives WERC is changing with their donation and the benefits of becoming a sponsor.  A live link from the WERC App to the sponsors’ websites give sponsors exposure to new audiences and potential new customers.

Darcy does a wonderful job updating the app to keep it current and her professionalism is a true testament to her expertise.”

Elizabeth M. Miller, PHR

Executive Director

Capital District Women’s Employment & Resource Center (WERC)

Guilderland Chamber Mobile App Landing Page

“I have gotten some positive comments more in line with people being impressed that we are “with it” I think it is great.

I know people are using it because when we sent out the notice that we posted new jobs, I got several emails about the jobs because of it. “


Danielle Walsh


Home Staffing Network International

Secure Denture Cream

This is our best investment, our app updates in real time as we update our website and gives our attendees alerts for show times and provides the program in an easy format to access! Everyone carries their phone, and our attendees will all carry our branding and information year round in those phones!

Darcy created a terrific app in just a few days, we are excited to launch in Google Play and iTunes. You can download now via email!

Allen Tubis

Event Chairman, Giant BBQ Battle

Secure Denture Cream

We have always had ecommerce, but as we grow our brands, having the App allows us to gain more customers and increased sales from mobile devices. Darcy does a fantastic job keeping our app updated and active on the stores.”

Kayla Cardona

Marketing Director, Secure Denture

Old Dominion Animal Hospital

The best way to keep your customers is to keep in contact with them on a regular basis. As direct mail and email blasts fail to reach our audience, we have found that the push notifications from our app have a tremendous impact on our business. We can grow our customer base and keep our current customers coming back by sending out seasonal alerts and updates. By keeping in regular contact via text, we are always in touch with our clients and they never forget us!

Bob Youngblood, Practice Manager, Old Dominion Animal Center


Capital Canine App

The app is great! We get our daycare reservations and have a customer loyalty program, all from our client’s pockets! They never search the web for services, they just tap the app, and we are ready to help them with everything they need for their dog.

Cassie, Marketing Mananger


Where to Shop & Dine

My App is my business, i plan to keep growing and building my client base by providing results and increasing their business. Darcy helps me to make my vision reality and keeps my business on iTunes & Google Play running smoothly.


Maya McNulty, CEO

Where to Shop & Dine

Old Dominion Animal Hospital

Keeping in contact with our members is our number one priority so as times have changed our channels of communication have too. Having a custom app has allowed us to stay in touch with our members in ways we were never able to before.

Tom King, President, NYSRPA


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