Enlighten U

Enlighten U

Guilderland High School graduate Eddie Pierce has just launched start-up EnlightenU.  During his sophmore year at Boston College he took a course called Tech Trek and had the pleasure of visiting with over 20 firms, including Google, Apple, Facebook as well as several start-ups and venture capital firms in the “Other” Valley . From that point on he knew he was destined to become an Entrepreneur.

“We are living in a different world than our parents did. We need to use the tools of today. Learning through video is powerful as we have evolved to learn by watching others. The Internet allows us to connect and share infectious ideas.”

EnlightenU is a crowd sourced educational video platform that helps students build a democratic approach of uploading and voting on the best videos.  The focus is on learning via the most engaging and important ideas. It uses some gaming mechanics so the more videos you watch the more features you unlock. There is a back-end hiring service that is based on the premise that the more educational videos you watch the more it shows what a hard worker you are and makes the job seeker stand out from the rest as the best candidate.

After watching all the videos in Karma 1 and 2, I found myself motivated to want to do more with my life and career and to do something I had a passion for and founded

.   Here are a few of the videos on Karma 1 you can watch when you download the mobile app EnlightenU  from Google Play or view them on the web at www.EnlightenU.us

  • GZA Raps About Science

  • Hero’s Journey

  • Mental Illness: What You See / What You Don’t See

  • TED Founder Can’t Stop Learning

  • The Scientific Power of Thought