Find the best videos the internet has to offer with Sawwit Videos

January 27, 2015 – Videos have quickly become one of the most popular forms of internet content, especially on smart phones and tablets. Short, snappy, funny or bizarre, how do you find the best videos to watch quickly?

Sawwit Videos is how! The great new video search engine that will let you find the greatest videos the internet has to offer!

Search through different categories to find the kind of videos you like – Funny, Music, Animals (Cats and Dogs!), Science, Education, Comedy, Documentaries and much more. Watch the videos you find and vote them up if you like them, down if you don’t – this helps rank them for other users to find the most popular within Sawwit. See a video you like? Share it on social media with your friends! See a lot of videos you like in a subject? Create your own playlist and share with other Sawwit users!

Sawwit is the ideal platform for video viewers and publishers alike. Thousands of bite-sized videos to view instantly at the touch of a finger and so many chances to take part in the Sawwit community by adding new categories, uploading videos and voting videos up and down.

Sawwit is available to download now for free from the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play.

Make sure that when you see the most amazing video ever that you saw it on Sawwit!

Notes to Editors

The Sawwit Videos App was created in collaboration with Sawwit by Mobile Makeover. For more information contact Barbara Pierce or visit

Boston College graduate Eddie Pierce is the CEO of Sawwit. His entrepreneurial spirit came to life during his sophomore year at BC when he took a course called Tech Trek.  During Spring Break the class visited 19 companies in Silicon Valley including Google, Apple and Facebook.  He was inspired to start a company and make a difference in the world.  Sawwit CEO Eddie Pierce said: “Sawwit is a crowd sourced video platform that helps people build a democratic approach of sharing and voting on the best videos.”