Sometimes people ask “Why did you name your company Mobile Makeover?”

In a recent study by Google  The majority of mobile users use “Search” in the shopping process. Their research influences purchasing decisions and if your website is not mobile optimized you could be losing business. More than 1/2 the websites I come across need a makeover for mobile so that they are easy to read and navigate.  Businesses need to makeover their intenet stategies for the legions of tablets and smartphones in everyone’s pocket, purse, coffee table and study.

There is a huge market for beauty makeovers. This super app Makeover Premium for $2.99 on Apple App Store and Google Play by is best in class. ModiFace was founded by applying academic (Stanford) facial recognition research towards the simulation of skin-care effects on photos. In order to truly make the simulations realistic, they invented technology to digitally analyze and understand skin conditions from images.  They are listed in INC Magazine’s 500/5000 fastest growing companies and as of this writing boast over 33 million downloads.

I was looking for an app that the business Girl on the Go could use to help them pick out wigs for cancer patients.  You can use a pre-existing photo or take one with your camera.  In addition to short, medium, long, and blond wig styles there is face, lip, and eye make-up as well. You can alter the shade and intensity of the shade of each of the make-up and hair updates. Modiface has several other productsMakeUp,  Facelift, and Photo Editor.  This app is best suited for someone in the beauty business. That being said if you need a new look for your Linked In or Facebook profile try one of these Modiface Apps.