One of my favorite home screen icons is the grey Evernote elephant head on a bright green background. It always pops out of my screen when I am looking for it and I am thankful for that. As a web designer and mobile app builder I often find myself on the road and in my customer’s offices.  I use Evernote to make notes on my phone and then when I get back to my office I can call the same notes up on my PC and vice versa. Yes, I still sometimes have the occasional piece of scrap paper with a scribbled note but as time passes my handwriting keeps getting worse and one of these days it just won’t be legible anymore.

Evernote is easy to use and full of helpful suggestions on how to get the most out of the app.   In addition to saving notes it allows you to save images, snapshots, audio and collaborate with others by sharing notebooks.  Evernote is a free download for all your devices with a Premium version reasonably priced packed with additional features.  Evernote