People with access to a smartphone or tablet now spend an average of 2 hours and 57 minutes on them each day, says digital analytics firm Flurry, putting phones ahead of televisions as time-sucks. However your phone is interactive and there are many apps out there to help you work out your brain muscle.

Luminosity: Sophisticated, scientifically designed brain training for anyone and boasts 60 million downloads. They transform science into delightful games. As a neuroscience PhD candidate at Stanford, Mike saw advancements in brain research that never made it out of academia. That’s when the idea for Lumosity was born.  When you first launch the program you answer a series of questions about what type of brain training you want to do and it creates your own personalized training program. Apple and Anroid versions are free with 15 games; purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions to additional games.


Speed Reading powered by Spritz: Spritz has been working for nearly 3 years in “Stealth Mode” to perfect their reading methodology. Beware! There are several apps in the App Stores that look like Spritz (but aren’t). The only way to know for sure is by whether or not they use the ‘Powered by Spritz’ moniker in their “Redicle”. By streaming individual words inside of a special display Spritz calls the Redicle, the app helps the eyes position themselves precisely at the recognition point for each word. The word Redicle presumably stems from the inclusion of one red letter in each word, which is used to anchor the eye. Watch their video. Spritzing


Watch Educational Videos:  We have just introduced Sawwit Videos which is a video sharing and viewing website.  Many of the categories are chock full of educational videos. Not only does it make you smarter but it makes you a great conversationalist.


 Increase your vocabulary with Word Games: Check out the appPicker’s list of Crosswords I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my own personal favorite New Words with Friends released in 2009 and now it’s new.  It’s similar to Scrabble and it’s available on Apple, Amazon, Windows Phone, Android and Facebook.  Several years ago, the ad free version was  .99 cents but it’s up to $9.99 on Android and worth it!  Remember you can have too much of anything and for me it might be Words with Friends.